Clear Story is proud to be one of only a few d3 design studios in the United States. This revolutionary production suite combines a software & hardware solution that creates the new standard for dynamic content mapping and synchronized show control.  With applications in architectural lighting and projection installations, television and theatre productions, live concerts, exhibit design, advertising and more, the d3 system is taking the industry by storm.   By relying on the proven power of d3 designer pre-visualization software and the road tested media server hardware, Clear Story can make short work of even the most complex projects.  d3 allows for an efficient and unparalleled workflow, rewriting the idea of what can be done with your content.  Pulling from our collective strength across a broad range of creative disciplines, Clear Story is ready to provide a complete solution from concept to production.   

As part of Clear Story’s integration with d3 technologies ever expanding market share we are also the official service center for d3 in the Americas.  In conjunction with the d3 world headquarters in the UK.  We provide parts, service, and support for both the Classic Range as well as the New Pro Range servers.  

H’Art of Haiti Gala, Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti, 2013

Using the d3 production suite Clear Story designed, created and implemented a large, immersive video surround onto a curved, seamless, white cyclorama.  Using the d3 design software our team provided the client with a fully modeled previsualization allowing them to see the installation in a true 3d environment without using 3rd party visualizers.  All of the content for the show which included motion graphics as well as video,  photography, and gigapans all shot on location in Haiti was created by Clear Story in house content team. Using d3 allowed our design team the ability to build the content and show timeline to specifically interact with the space and event schedule providing a seamless event workflow.  


To see some of the custom content created for this event see these links:

H’Art of Haiti Gala, Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti, 2013 - Content #1

H’Art of Haiti Gala, Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti, 2013 - Content #2

d3 Previsualization Services

Conceptual design for Bloomberg Goverment, BGOV200 Event, 2014 created using d3 designer software.

Conceptual design for Island 200 Velodrome lighting system created using d3 designer software.