Clear Story is proud to be one the newest d3 Design Studios in the United States.  This revolutionary software / hardware suite sets the new standard for dynamic content mapping and synchronized show control.  With applications in architectural lighting and projection installations, television and theatre productions, live concerts, exhibit design, advertising and more, the d3 system is taking the industry by storm.   Providing a stable platform for pre-visualization and a road tested playback solution, the d3 system allows for an efficient and unparalleled workflow, rewriting the idea of what can be done with your content.  Pulling from our collective strength across a broad range of creative disciplines, Clear Story is ready to provide a complete solution from concept to production.   

d3 Previsualization Services

Conceptual design for Bloomberg Goverment, BGOV200 Event, 2014 created using d3 designer software.

Conceptual design for Island 200 Velodrome lighting system created using d3 designer software.