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Stemming from the firm’s experience creating one-of-a-kind theatre productions, a Clear Story event transforms familiar spaces into unique environments through a combination of set construction, atmospheric lighting and dynamic projection that works with the architectural context.

Whether working from the blank canvas of empty industrial space or within the delicate confines of a botanical garden, Clear Story has been behind several of Pittsburgh’s most anticipated and talked about events including:

The Sprout Fund’s Hothouse

Since 2007, Clear Story has led production and lighting design for Hothouse, a summertime fundraiser and benefit party hosted by The Sprout Fund, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization. Hosting up to 3,000 people annually, Hothouse featured multiple music and performance stages, tents, booths and other temporary structures housing food & drink vendors, as well as custom-built lighting and projection systems throughout the party’s interior and exterior.

Collaborative Leadership

Each year, Clear Story collaborated closely with Event Architect Thommy Conroy and The Sprout Fund’s executive staff to source and identify unique transitional development spaces that provide a blank canvas upon which an event like Hothouse could be built.

As the firm responsible for all on-site logistics, electrical and lighting systems, set construction and installation, and technology integration, Clear Story worked with property owners and city officials to develop efficient and effective load-in plans, acquire necessary permits and operating licenses. Clear Story also coordinated personnel management of technical crews, design teams, and a small army of event volunteers all working multiple daily shifts over the course of a few weeks to make Hothouse happen.

Consistently ranked one of Pittsburgh’s best parties, Hothouse exemplifies Clear Story’s collaborative approach to event production and project management, as well as the firm’s creativity and resourcefulness when designing and producing unique visual and spatial experiences in challenging environments.

Phipp’s Conservatory Chihuly Gala - Gardens & Glass

Clear Story was commissioned by The Event Group to customize the special events space at Phipp's Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for Chihuly Gala - Gardens & Glass in 2007.  This event featured an exclusive reception with the renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly.  Clear Story created an abstract video installation that expressed the elemental qualities and handmade approach to the glass-making process.  To reflect the rich colors inherent in the artist's work - and to simply reduce the intensity of the prevailing daylight during the early evening event - Clear Story designed and installed a temporary installation of ultra-saturated color film on the windows of the space.  This playful and dramatic gesture transformed the space, and the colors combined to create a radiant hue that enveloped the crowd.