Clear Story is a Pittsburgh-based professional creative services firm specializing in architectural lighting design, projection design, and artistic production management. With roots in the visual and performing arts, gallery and museum exhibitions, and custom fabrication industries, Clear Story has struck a unique balance of aesthetic sensibility, technical mastery, collaborative ingenuity, and shrewd project management. Clear Story's team of highly skilled professional artists, designers, and fabricators work to create visual and spatial experiences that communicate new narrative forms.

Multidimensional Design and Production

Since 2007, Clear Story has led and contributed to successful world-class creative projects spanning a variety of categories. Working across disciplines on demanding projects in locations throughout the world, Clear Story is known for shaping unique and memorable narrative experiences.

Our practice is characterized by a highly-developed artistic vision that not only values creativity and imagination, but possesses the technical proficiency, rigorous attention to detail, and strong project management required to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.


Clear Story designs energy-efficient lighting systems for interior and exterior architectural applications, as well as custom fixture and display solutions for museum-quality exhibitions of fine art and historical artifacts.


Clear Story blends artifice and artistry to produce technically demanding theatrical events and performance productions, providing design solutions and creative direction for complex and one-of-a-kind special projects. 


Clear Story’s design portfolio demonstrates the firm’s capacity to design, produce, and manage unique, high-quality projects across a broad spectrum of creative industries and deliver custom creative solutions.

Studio - Event Venue

Clear Story's Studio is an innovative 6,000 square foot space located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Historic Southside neighborhood.   The flexible space and Clear Story’s creative staff make the Studio an ideal venue for private, corporate and non-profit special events.

Content Creation

Clear Story is at the forefront of  multimedia technologies. Including HD content creation, CG content, live video, image mapping and CAD services. Our in-house content development, pre-visualization, and production capabilities provide a cohesive solution for any project.

Systems and Sales

Clear Story's dynamic team of specialists provides technological expertise in fields including theatrical installation, A/V systems, controls, and specialty software. Clear Story provides system design, equipment specification, sales and customer service for A/V systems and controls.