Clear Story's work spans the disciplines of architecture, design, fine art, and theatre. As a team, we value collaboration, open-minded idea generation, and experimentation and believe that memorable experiences are created when different points of view are explored and brought together to make something unexpected yet contextual.  

The diverse expertise of Clear Story’s nine full-time staff brings a deep range of capabilities to the project team, including A/V systems design and integration, custom programming, video projection and pixel mapping, content creation, and more. Individually, or as members of a collaborative team, their ability to develop artistic concepts and understand complex technical demands and then translate both into an actionable process is a key asset for any project.

Rob Long, Principal & Creative Director: Rob is a professional artist whose varied practice includes lighting and exhibit design, photography, theatrical production design, architectural projection, and collaborative project development. He is the Owner and Creative Director of Clear Story. Rob’s work and that of his firm spans the disciplines of architecture, exhibition design, lighting, photography, fine art, and theatre.

Having studied architecture and technical theatre at Carnegie Mellon University and worked for ten years as a professional photographer, Rob possesses a varied repertoire of conceptual development, creative approaches, and technical skill. Rob’s ability to understand artistic concepts and complex technical demands and then translate both into an actionable process for the team is a key asset of Clear Story’s ongoing project success.  Email Rob 

Chris Craychee, Projects Manager: Chris has been working in the field of fine art preparation, installation, and exhibition for the last fifteen years, with seven years of supervisory experience at the museum level.  He has an in depth understanding of the intricacies of dealing with paintings, drawings, sculpture, decorative arts, architectural models and drawings, large scale and interactive installations, and audio visual displays.  With a degree in art from Carnegie Mellon University and an exhibiting artist himself, Chris has worked with artists, collectors, curators, and administrators on project development and exhibitions ranging in size and scope from one day personal projects to the 2004 and 2008 Carnegie Internationals.  Email Chris

Tanya Sorensen, Company Manager: Tanya graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Film Studies and Art History. She has over 15 years of experience as archivist, curator, teacher, and administrator of the arts in Pittsburgh. Tanya's work for Clear Story is her first foray into the for-profit creative community.  In her personal life, Tanya is nearly recovered from taking sentimental journeys, but still ponders the inevitable resurgence of analogue darkrooms and manual transmissions. Email Tanya 

Peter Milo, Designer & Technologist: Peter's diverse areas of expertise include computer programming, theatrical lighting, 3D drafting and design, digital control systems, and system integration. His skill set was honed during years in the A/V rental and production business working with everything from decrepit analog dimming systems to advanced video control hardware. From this, Peter developed the ability to craft elegant, goal driven technical solutions for customers in any situation. As part of Clear Story's D3 Studio, he is ready to help lead the way to the next generation of entertainment production.  Email Pete

Charles McDermott, Production Shop Foreman: Charles has been working in artistic production in and around the Pittsburgh area for more than ten years. In that time he has had a hand in the design and production of countless theatrical performances, events, and artistic and museum installations. He is proud to have his problem solving skills and production abilities utilized and nurtured at Clear Story. Email Charles

Chris Michaels, Lead Lighting Technician: A theatrical lighting technician for the past twelve years, Chris has broadened his skills considerably while working on the vast and often surprising variety of projects Clear Story undertakes.  He is comfortable with a wide range of entertainment and display lighting fixtures, from traditional incandescent lamps to cutting edge LEDs, as well as being proficient with a healthy sampling of video and projection technologies.  Email Chris

Eric Papineau, Production Technician: Eric has worked on variety of different artistic productions over the last ten years. He has worked in theaters, schools, rivers and on movie sets. Eric's skills include theatrical construction & painting, to animating 3d projection mapped visuals,  and even art direction for a feature film. Personal projects include mixed media canvas paintings, puppetry, music videos, and organizing and contributing to a graphic anthology. Email Eric

Sara Dixon, Studio Events Coordinator: Sara’s background includes art, non-profit governance, event planning and execution, exhibition installation, as well several positions in the hospitality industry including, catering, food and drink preparation, and management.  Adaptive and resourceful Sara uses her knowledge and experience to anticipate the needs of Clear Story Studio’s clients, and their chosen vendors, while focusing on customer service and client experience. Email Sara