Technology is constantly changing.   From the smallest boardroom to the largest architectural installation, as buildings become more dynamic and interactive, the control systems become more advanced and it becomes ever easier for things to become challenging.   With our diverse team of technology experts, our project coordination skills and our intimate knowledge of the latest equipment available, Clear Story chooses a focused approach to lighting, A/V, and control technology that allows us to deliver a cohesive and integrated final product.  Our design approach is to combine building systems such as lighting control, a/v system control, and shades into one user interface.  Simplifying the end users interaction and allowing advance automation while eliminating redundant costs. Our team can take a project from design development and spec through to installation and commissioning and training.

Our services include:

  • Technology Management

  • Owner's Rep services

  • Lighting control specification, installation, commissioning, and services

  • A/V system specification, installation, commissioning, and services

  • Custom User Interface design

  • End user training

We offer certified technicians for many of the major manufacturers including:

  • Electronic Theatre Controls

  • d3 systems

  • Medialon show control

  • Lumenpulse

  • Symetrix

  • Audinate (Dante Network Audio)

Meadowcroft Rockshelter, 2008 to present


Clear Story designed and installed a lighting system for the newly-constructed Meadowcroft Rockshelter enclosure, designed by Pfaffman & Associates.  A National Historic Landmark in Avella, Pennsylvania, Meadowcroft features a massive, 16,000 year-old rock overhang used by North America’s earliest human inhabitants.  

Clear Story worked with the project archaeologist to develop of narrative script, used when describing the historical and geological features of the site to visitors on the observation platform. The non-linear nature of this script demanded a truly interactive, user-controlled lighting system. The design intent was to integrate docent narration with lighting system control so that each feature was illuminated on cue as it was presented, directing the viewer's’ attention throughout the experience.

The project’s technical and logistical challenges required creative design solutions from Clear Story. For example, the lighting system was to be installed on a sloped ceiling of the enclosure building high above the renowned archaeological dig site. Equipment selection and installation, as well as access requirements, could not interfere with or disturb the working dig site.

Over several years, Clear Story’s team has worked with the facilities staff to expand the systems functions beyond the original lighting only show.  Adding video and sound content to the experience to create an more interactive and entertaining production.  A new Ipad based user interface was added that had to allow high level of system control, while still being extremely user friendly.  The user experience is now a full production encompassing light, sound and video into one seamless system.  


  • System Control: Medialon Showmaster
  • Video / Audio Playback: Medialon MIP
  • Lighting Fixtures:  ETC / Selecon
  • Dimming System:  ETC